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Thread: volvo ad is back

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    volvo ad is back

    its taking up a good inch of each side of the screen (cant see player positions) also a big black box pops up with a video that covers about the top two inches in the NW quadrant.

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    Re: volvo ad is back

    Get ride of that thing! Its awful!
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    Re: volvo ad is back

    Quote Originally Posted by gocardinals1511 View Post
    Get ride of that thing! Its awful!
    i see what you did there
    I just can't look its killing me
    And taking control
    Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
    Swimming through sick lullabies
    Choking on your alibis
    But it's just the price I pay
    Destiny is calling me
    Open up my eager eyes
    Cause I'm Mr Brightside

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    Re: volvo ad is back

    Now it's a Swiss Air(?) ad.


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