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Thread: Cant handle pressure

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    Cant handle pressure

    One of my teams, who recently missed the playoffs for the 1st time after 5 straight seasons, the closer during that run was interesting.

    For his career, he has a 3.99 ERA and has 213 SVs (and only 31 Blown Saves). During the 5 year run, he had 3 All-Star appearances, and a Fireman of the Year.

    Then came the playoffs: Over those 5 years in the playoffs, he pitched in 10 games. He had an ERA of 21.37, His record was 0-4, he had 1 SV (somehow) and blew 3 saves. The last 2 of those years, I basically put the SP who was ousted from the rotation for the postseason into the CL role. He must've thought he was Jose Mesa and Armando Benitez combined. Of those seasons, only one had an ERA below 10, and that was the first year where he didn't allow a run vs 1 batter faced.

    Still he was a big part of getting me there.

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    Re: Cant handle pressure

    We made it back after a year absent, and he actually did fairly well (unfortunately, he was about the only one)


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