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Thread: How much is endurance worth

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    How much is endurance worth

    So I have 2 second basemen:

    Andrew Cook $1,032,000




    Willie Gage $2,820,000




    Now I understand that Cook is 34, but Gage is already 28 so not a huge difference in age. Gage has never played, either not sure why the previous owner didn't play him.
    So the only massive difference between the 2 players is endurance.

    So the question is: Is endurance really worth almost 2 million in salary difference?
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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    At 28, Cook's salary was $3,093,00 vs Gage's 2,820,00.

    I think age is a big part of it.

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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    Not to me, I just try to give them a few more days off. I do have a 2B of my own that is around 7M with a high-20s EN who plays about 130-140 a year. He is a gold glover AND a .300+/30HR guy. So, if EN is worth 2M, I am definitely grateful, his is lacking

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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    Quote Originally Posted by spambox View Post
    At 28, Cook's salary was $3,093,00 vs Gage's 2,820,00.

    I think age is a big part of it.
    Yeah, didn't notice he mentioned an age difference, yeah, I notice once the middle infielders hit age 30 their salaries drop like a rock (unless they have some ridiculous hitting abilities). (surprised Cook still has a 96 RA)

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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    In general, I never thought endurance was a big concern for hitters. Let's say you have a guy who gets 100 R and 100 RBI per year if given 160 games. In 140 games he would score about 88 runs and drive in 88 for a net decrease of 24 runs scored.

    By comparison, for those 20 games if you put in a really terrible replacement that only scores 50 R and 50 RBI per 160, you'd still get 6 R and 6 RBI through a 20 game stretch.

    So essentially in this scenario we're talking about a net decrease in team offense of about 12 runs over the course of a season, (equivalent of changing total opponents ERA from 4.00 to 4.08, not a big change at all).

    Of course this is a simplification, and it doesn't take into account defensive runs saved, but yeah I feel like if you have two equivalent players and one has 100 EN and the other has 30 EN, it's not a huge difference and I definitely don't think endurance alone is worth $2 million dollars, at least not for hitters.

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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    Yeah, I never decided against drafting a hitter because his EN was low.

    In any case I'd keep Cook despite the age since his RA has defied age, trade Gage (because by the time Cook becomes useless, Gage will be starting to be the same too) and see about drafting a replacement (other concerns pending) Note: Although, I have twice had the occasion of a 32-year old middle inf have a bad offensive season and retire out of the blue (despite the fact they were still of close to prime defensive quality and absolutely didn't care if they couldn't hit)
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    Re: How much is endurance worth

    too much


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