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Thread: 18 Preseason Free Agents?

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    18 Preseason Free Agents?

    I'm not sure when that number changed, but it was zero this year. That seems like a really big jump, especially without getting any feedback from the league.

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    Re: 18 Preseason Free Agents?

    In the ‘Re: Quahog vs Tennessee’ thread a owner suggested the idea for an influx of talent, and that was seconded by another.

    I do however believe that some commish / team owner feedback prior to the change would have been appreciated.

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    Re: 18 Preseason Free Agents?

    Looking at the barren FA list, the lack of activity from most owners, and losing good owners due to this, it was obvious a change was needed. Adding Fa will improve the fa list. Hopefully it increases activity because some of these teams over the cap will have to release more salary to bid of fas which further improves the list and owner activity.

    My question for everyone is this: How many FAs in the preseason? I put 18 to start because the list is so barren,but am open to changing anything. Also, after the first year, how many fas should we have? 18 may be a bit much after initial year...

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    Re: 18 Preseason Free Agents?

    Now that the flip has occurred, I am going to change the setting to 5 fas now that we have had a nice infusion of fas. If you guys want to keep debating this and get to a consensus of something different than five I can always change


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