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Thread: 2089 draft board

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    2089 draft board

    Round 1
     Draft Order Drafted Player
    1Brooklyn UNOWNEDCF Carl Shipp
    2Raja Casablanca UNOWNEDSS Rodney Jennings
    3Milwaukee ListP Chris Sandoval
    4St Augustine UNOWNEDP Clarence Rosado
    5WinnipegAutoC Robert Wolters
    6Saint John AutoP Rory Sinclair
    7Philadelphia PostLF David Offut
    8Hawaii ListP Brandon Sandstrom
    9Winter Haven UNOWNED1B Anthony Wainscott
    10HersheyListP Troy Sermons
    11WichitaAutoP Brian Hubbard
    12DaytonAutoP William Burchett
    13ToowoombaUNOWNEDCF Blake Sterling
    14UCONN ListP Ralph Look
    15Dubuque ListCF Fred Currie
    16San FranciscoAutoC Timothy Cooper
    17Fresno UNOWNEDP Richard Caron
    18River City AutoP William McGuire
    19Cincinnnati AutoC Gregory Pelzer
    20New York Auto CF John Krause
    21Cleveland AutoP Christopher Bryan
    22BinghamptonList3B Bobby Stinnett
    23Niantic UNOWNEDP William Baton
    24Montreal>P Steven Lotz
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    Re: 2089 draft board

    Philly takes David Offutt LF


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