We are one of the oldest League's in CSFBL - $55 Million Cap - 4 Games a Day.
LEAGUE ID #17!!!!!

C-TOWN OPEN Best & Oldest Active Public League

We have three teams open. A team with 4 players on the MVP list and $67 Million Payroll, the largest in the league. The Toronto Knights are in the TOUGHEST DIVISION IN C-TOWN. You probably can't handle Jerry Park and coachk, Maine and Greenville dominate this division and if your looking to add a challenge to your roster of teams - beating Maine and Greenville in this Division would be a fun one.

And the loosingest team in the League the San Jose Lobos are in good shape and competitive this year, they haven't won a world series in ABOUT 100 YEARS!!! You could win one THIS year because this team is ready to go.

And the most interesting team the California Quakes They are under the Salary Cap and ARE competitive in a VERY tough division, the master of CSFBL chet and his Rome Gladiators are the leaders in this division, i'm pretty sure chet has been here since the beginning of CSFBL. Baltimore Crabs made 8 out of 10 world series several years ago and are their own kind of dynasty as well. The Quakes have 8/10 BATTING SCOUTING and 8/10 PITCHING SCOUTING. It would be a fun team that you could start on right away. they also have 7/7 for drills & development

THIS LEAGUE HAS A LOT OF OWNERS THAT STAY A LONG TIME. THESE TEAMS HAVE BEEN OPEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN. They need a good owner to make them competitive and this league is HARD to win in. They value DEFENSE and even though it is Auto Draft, we all set our orders.

C-TOWN is the beat