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Thread: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

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    MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    Welcome to the 2096 MLB Mideastern live amateur draft!

    I'm gonna run the draft this year. Each manager of every block will get a private message to let them know they're on the clock. Each block will have about 24 hours to send me their picks (by private message or in this thread if a manager is up).

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or ask me by private message or chat.

    Block 1 --> April 21st, 4 PM ET
    Riverside Rangers (AUTO) 2B Roosevelt Glickman
    Wertzville Whippersnappers (AUTO) CF Herbert Baker
    Sacramento Valley Cats (AUTO) P Johnny Townsend
    Plum Island Bogeys (LIST IN) P Eldon Nelson
    Kitty Hawk Terpz (AUTO) 2B Morris Mariano
    Calgary Blue Jays (AUTO) P Aaron Torian

    Block 2 --> April 22nd, 4 PM ET
    Waco Turtles (AUTO) P Ronald Carlos
    Milwaukee Lakes (AUTO) 1B William Jansson
    Detroit BoneCrushers (AUTO) 3B Frankie Davies
    Port Coquitlam Cubs (AUTO) RF Michael Bates
    Key West Pelicans (AUTO) SS Joseph Bedoya

    Block 3 --> April 23rd, 4 PM ET
    South Florida DiamondBacks (AUTO) CF Michael Sims
    Los Angeles Dodgers (LIST IN) LF James Ryan
    Industriales Iguanas (AUTO) P Zachary Smith
    Targaryen Dragons (AUTO) SS Bobby Alvarado
    Waco Turtles (AUTO) P Josh Gentry
    Eureka Royals (LIST IN) 2B James Hall

    Block 4 --> April 24th, 4 PM ET
    El Sobrante Astros (AUTO) P Ronald Matlock
    Plano Wildcats (AUTO) P Billy Jackson
    New Orleans Pirates (LIST IN) 2B Patrick Debolt
    Brooklyn Mets (LIST IN) RF George Merkel
    Calgary Blue Jays (AUTO) P Richard Huffman
    Waco Turtles (AUTO) 3B Christopher Diaz
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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    Block 1 is up for, April 21st, 4 PM Eastern Time

    Riverside Rangers
    Wertzville Whippersnappers
    Sacramento Valley Cats
    Plum Island Bogeys
    Kitty Hawk Terpz
    Calgary Blue Jays

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    Block 2 is up for, April 22nd, 4 PM Eastern Time

    Waco Turtles
    Milwaukee Lakes
    Detroit BoneCrushers
    Port Coquitlam Cubs
    Key West Pelicans

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    Block 3 is up for, April 23rd, 4 PM Eastern Time

    South Florida DiamondBacks
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Industriales Iguanas
    Targaryen Dragons
    Waco Turtles
    Eureka Royals

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    Block 4 is up for, April 24th, 4 PM Eastern Time

    El Sobrante Astros
    Plano Wildcats
    New Orleans Pirates
    Brooklyn Mets
    Calgary Blue Jays
    Waco Turtles

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    1st round is completed!

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2096 Draft

    The picks have been set, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE YOUR #1 RANKED PLAYER

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    To the Brooklyn Mets ..nice series ......

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    Re: congrats

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith West View Post
    To the Brooklyn Mets ..nice series ......
    Thanks man. I agree, very good series! Lewis Castro gave me 2 great outings against his former team. I guess he was angry at you

    I think a great rivalry is born between us. See you next season!


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