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Thread: Woops!!!!

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    I went to congratulate the owner of Savage Youngbloods.....that is when
    I found out I was beaten by a Non-Owned Team.

    I suck. Oh well, hopefully the Black Diamonds will be back for another run
    at a title.

    Ajax Dynamite - Jobu's Rum
    Black Diamonds - MLB Prospects
    Dxun Tie-Fighter's - Empire Strikes Out
    Galactic City Generals - A New Hope
    Hot Springs Bombers - Wrigleyville
    Jakku Jaguars - Galactic B L 3000
    Lahoma Bulldogs - Delta Gamma Eta
    OKC 89ers - Bad News Baseball
    Paris Panthers - THE SHOW
    Texas Gunslingers - Cooperston Prospects

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    Re: Woops!!!!

    Nice run Barry. Yea GG seems to have left the CSFBL community very abruptly.

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