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Thread: selectable coaches

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    selectable coaches

    Instead of manually making selections on the starter toast, player fatigue, etc, the game should automatically select this for us based on the coach that we hire for the team. Each team would be able to select from a pool of qualified coaches, each with his own preferences and traits.

    Want a coach is veteran friendly? Find one that panders to the long toothed player (drills) at the cost of player development.
    Want a coach that knows the ins and outs of pitching? Find a former pitcher to do the job and the pitching ratings will be improved! But watch out as the batters might suffer due to a lack of attention.

    This would add a new variable to the game. Thoughts?

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    Re: selectable coaches

    Outside of player attributes, there are only a limited number of things that impact the game besides random number generators. This proposal would take away these changes, making the skill of any owner less of a factor in results.

    Got a 99 SY ace, push that son of a gun to -50% energy in the playoffs if need be because his 99 SY won’t decline. Got a 75-75-75-75 pitcher starting a playoff game that’s solid but fades as fatigue sets in? Maybe limit him to 10-20% fatigue if you have a good bullpen. These are examples of real managerial decisions I’ve made with some regularity because of my assessment of my situation and knowledge of the game. The inability to make these decisions due to hiring a coach who can’t think outside his own box is unappealing.
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    Re: selectable coaches

    Reminds me a bit of Broken Bat. In Broken Bat you hire a manager who makes decisions during games and influences player develoment but you can still give managerial "directives" to your Manager with an option similar to Manager Settings here.
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    Re: selectable coaches

    This would be a awesome add. Picking the right manager do make the game by game decision would be great
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