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Thread: MLB World has 1 opening(One round live Amateur Draft)

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    MLB World has 1 opening(One round live Amateur Draft)

    MLB World is one of the oldest private leagues in CSFBL.
    Check out the league rules here: MLB World rules

    1. Private League - 8/day all season
    2. $75M hard cap
    3. Wheel Draft,MLB World Lottery Wheel 24 year Amateur Draft Order=no tanking
    4. MLB World IFA draft system(Pre-Season FAs: 24 Per Season).Unique order. MLB World IFA Draft rules and history
    5. One round live Amateur Draft
    6. Player rename

    League is full now.
    If anyone is still interested in joining, please send me a PM or post in here : MLB World waiting list
    I'll inform you immediately when there is a team opening.

    We have higher salary cap and more FAs.
    That means more trade opportunities and complete low minors system.Hard cap keeps balance between teams.

    It's a more skill based,competitive,fair and fun league.Better rules and well maintained. Highly free to build your team.
    In MLB World,the rebuild time could be very short and almost no cycles.Tanking doesn't exist at all.
    There are 24 competitive teams in MLB World every season,not just 2~8 competitive teams and other teams waiting for the cycle.
    We have 5 different WS winners in the past 5 seasons.

    If interested,please send me a PM or team request.
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