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Thread: why are there so many errors on popups?

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    why are there so many errors on popups?

    I know I complain about a lot of stuff on this site and I don't want to come across as unappreciative - this is an amazing simulation that's extremely well built and I really enjoy playing the game.

    That said, I feel like I see this kind of thing happen way more than it should. I could be wrong but it seems like errors on popups are just as likely as errors on ground balls. Maybe it's just my imagination but I figured I would ask.

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    Re: why are there so many errors on popups?

    Also how come I keep seeing 6-5-3 double plays? I mean I like it when my team turns them but it's completely unrealistic.

    Let's say you have first and second, no one out. Ground ball to short. You're telling me the shortstop threw the ball to third to get the force out there, and then the third baseman had time to throw it to first to get the double play? Even with Bartolo Colon running that would never happen.

    Also there are way too many first-second-first double plays as well but I can accept that because at least that's a play that actually happens in a baseball game occasionally.

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    Re: why are there so many errors on popups?

    Slow batter, ball hit in the 3rd/ss hole, the ss throws to the 3rd baseman who throws to 1st. I'm sure it happens on occasion in the bigs, but not often.
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