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Thread: Leafs Trade Block

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    Leafs Trade Block

    Larry Lee RF - 32 still a great hitter! Is a 2x all star with a career .300 average
    Michael Baker - 32 as a starter last year he hit .272 with a .411 OBP
    Terry Herold - 32 great better pitcher
    Steven Schneider - 27 was a great set up man for me last year

    Any of these guys would be a welcome addition to any team. Only reason I'm looking to trade them is to give some younger guys a chance. Looking for players 26 or younger or draft picks

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    Re: Leafs Trade Block

    I'm putting 3B Stephen Rivas on the trade block. He's got great RA, GL, and DI.

    Shoot me a message or offer me a trade if interested.

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    Re: Leafs Trade Block

    Since I can't seem to win any games lately I might as well add some players to the trade block!

    31 yo 3B Shane Early RA isn't great but has a great glove and offensive potential to make up for it

    33 yo Samuel McDonald just a great pitcher

    30 yo William Linton great FI and CO

    32 yo David Lewis hard throwing RH with good SY

    33 yo Monty Gann good FI pitcher

    I'm looking to get picks for next year/young prospects

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    Re: Leafs Trade Block

    Looking to improve my pitching. For the right pitcher just about any offensive player could be available.

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