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Thread: Trade Deadline Pickins

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    Trade Deadline Pickins

    Now that the trade deadline is here. A few of you are in a position to make a run. I did you get in the playoffs, or to solidify your hold on a spot, or even better … to win it all! With that in mind, the Glen Isle Eagles are still looking to move some impact players. Of note, I am offering a few "older" players that will definitely have a positive impact on your your lineup.


    2B Wilbur Valdez
    3B David Cone


    P Theron Roach
    P Thomas Brier
    P Cesar Adams
    P Christopher Robey
    P Robert Parrish
    P Ronin Harrisv


    SS Pat Brown
    LF Ralph Sharp
    SS Matthew Horton

    All players are available, but the above are much less costly. All offers will receive a response. Make me an offer.

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