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Thread: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

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    MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    Welcome to the 2094 MLB Mideastern live amateur draft!

    I'm gonna run the draft this year. Each manager of every block will get a private message to let them know they're on the clock. Each block will have about 24 hours to send me their picks (by private message or in this thread if a manager is up).

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or ask me by private message or chat.

    Block 1 --> February 11th, 5 PM ET
    Detroit BoneCrushers (AUTO) P Roman Hopping
    Milwaukee Lakes (LIST IN) P Javier Tucker
    Key West Pelicans (AUTO) 2B Clay Wright
    Riverside Rangers (AUTO) 2B Johan Nutt
    Calgary Blue Jays (AUTO) P Timmy Quan
    Kitty Hawk Terpz (AUTO) 3B Ralph Harris

    Block 2 --> February 12th, 5 PM ET
    Plum Island Bogeys (LIST IN) P Frank Thacker
    Omaha Expos (LIST IN) P John Pinckney
    El Sobrante Astros (AUTO) SS Todd Crocker
    Targaryen Dragons (AUTO) RF Leonard Hart
    Omaha Expos (LIST IN) SS David Block
    Bronx Bombers (AUTO) 2B Justin Oliver

    Block 3 --> February 13th, 5 PM ET
    Anchorage North Stars (AUTO) RF Roy Garcia
    Port Coquitlam Cubs (LIST IN) P Charles Love
    Markham Marauders (AUTO) P Bradley Sieg
    Industriales Iguanas (AUTO) P Dan Bonilla
    Los Angeles Dodgers (LIST IN) SS John Turner
    Brooklyn Mets (LIST IN) 1B Louis Jacobs

    Block 4 --> February 14th, 5 PM ET
    South Florida DiamondBacks (LIST IN) P Bobbie Jenkins
    Eureka Royals (LIST IN) CF Adolph Cobb
    New Orleans Pirates (AUTO) P Robert Phillips
    Riverside Rangers (AUTO) P Steven Feldman
    Plano Wildcats (AUTO) CF William Boettcher
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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    Block 2 is up for, February 12, 5 PM Eastern Time

    Plum Island Bogeys
    Omaha Expos
    El Sobrante Astros
    Targaryen Dragons
    Omaha Expos
    Bronx Bombers
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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    Block 3 is up for, February 13, 5 PM Eastern Time

    Anchorage North Stars
    Port Coquitlam Cubs
    Markham Marauders
    Industriales Iguanas
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Brooklyn Mets

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    Block 4 is up for, February 14, 5 PM Eastern Time

    South Florida DiamondBacks
    Eureka Royals
    New Orleans Pirates
    Riverside Rangers
    Plano Wildcats

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    Diamondbacks will select P Bobbie Jenkins

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    The Royals select CF Adolph Cobb.

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    1st round is completed!

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    Re: MLB Mideastern - 2094 Draft

    The picks have been set, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE YOUR #1 RANKED PLAYER


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