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This. I usually like to have the "always use closer" option selected, but this means that guys will always get taken out in the 8th inning even if they have plenty of energy left and are working on a no-hitter.

There should be a checkbox in manager settings that just says "keep pitcher in game if working on a no-hitter" or something like that, and that would override the use closer option.
I prefer closer always on too. Course, I did the other day get burned in Game 6 (down 3-2 in series) of my divisional series, where my guy was pitching a 2-0 shutout, and my CL comes in and give 4 runs, ending my season. But, overall, I usually get burned more because my pitchers go out for just one more inning and get burned, rather than vice versa (just bad luck my CL decided to have a bad day this time)