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Thread: 2122 Draft Lottery

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    2122 Draft Lottery

    1stHells Soulless Ginger Rebels5233.6%
    T2ndBloomington Swamp Dragons6214.7%
    T2ndRhode Island Whalers6214.7%
    4thRiver City Razorbacks649.5%
    T5thPortland Pride687.1%
    T5thCarolina Wesofina685.3%
    7thPalm Beach Cardinals694.0%
    8thAppalachian Isotopes703.0%
    9thWest Side Boxer Robbers722.2%
    10thSt Croix Buccanneers731.7%
    11thOmaha Hoot 82's741.3%
    12thAych Bee Breeze771.0%
    13thJacksonville Crimsons790.7%
    14thKatutura Badbirds800.5%
    15thEast Side Panty Raiders820.4%
    16thNew York River Pirates860.3%
    The restof the picksarelocked
    17thPotomac Nationals79Lost LDS
    18thWindy City Pale Hose95Lost LDS
    19thYukon Young Guns101Lost LDS
    20thSaskatchewan Eh-thletics (to Bloomington)109Lost LDS
    21stFort Mifflin Defenders99Lost LCS
    22ndVegas Aces (to Windy City)105Lost LCS
    23rdPeoria Chiefs81Lost WS
    24thBayside Tigers (to Potomac)113Won WS

    - The draft lottery is run on the same calendar day as the game simulates April 1st of the season. We will use Eastern time to determine when the game simulates. The midnight simulation begins a calendar day.

    - At the end of the day that the draft is to be run, the designated league commissioner will log on to and check the results of the chosen lotteries. The lottery that will be used is that specific state's Mid-day Pick 3 lottery drawing. If there is no Mid-day Pick 3 for any reason, the previous day's Mid-day Pick 3 will be used instead.
    1st - Missouri
    2nd - New York
    3rd - Ohio
    4th - New Jersey
    5th - North Carolina
    6th - Maine
    7th - Indiana
    8th - Georgia
    9th - D.C.
    10th - Florida
    11th - Pennsylvania
    12th - Connecticut
    13th - Maryland
    14th - Virginia
    15th - Michigan

    Last 2 years of picks for teams who had a top 6 pick last year (for the 3 -> 9 penalty rule):
    West Side Boxer Robbers224
    Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels145
    Rhode Island Whalers13316
    Carolina Wesofina17118
    Katutura Badbirds14620
    Potomac Nationals16521

    2122 Draft Lottery Spreadsheet
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    Re: 2122 Draft Lottery

    1stMissouri344Bloomington Swamp Dragons
    2ndNew York866Palm Beach Cardinals
    3rdOhio685River City Razorbacks
    4thNew Jersey062Hawaii Surfriders
    5thNorth Carolina786Appalachian Isotopes
    6thMaine158Rhode Island Whalers
    7thIndiana255Portland Pride
    8thGeorgia831Aych Bee Breeze
    9thD.C.941Katutura Badbirdz
    10thFlorida342Carolina Wesofina
    11thPennsylvania639Omaha Hoot 82's
    12thConnecticut079West Side Boxer Robbers
    13thMaryland987New York River Pirates
    14thVirginia927East City Panty Raiders
    15thMichigan147St Croix Buccanneers
    16th  Jacksonville Crimsons
    17th  Potomac Nationals
    18th  Windy City Pale Hose
    19th  Yukon Young Guns
    20th  Saskatchewan Eh-thletics (to Bloomington)
    21st  Fort Mifflin Defenders
    22nd  Vegas Aces (to Windy City)
    23rd  Peoria Chiefs
    24th  Bayside Tigers (to Potomac)


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