After waiting & waiting & waiting... Blue Ridge just hasn't caught up. I'm in the mood for trades, if anyone's looking. Any contender want a late-season upgrade?

C Robert Hudson - .820 OPS, 25 HR, 86 RBI this season
1B Alvin Bleau - .383 OBP... stats are all below his career averages, maybe he heats up late?
2B Jessy Boswell - having his worst year, but still has a .745 OPS at 2B. 2nd rounder or comparable prospect gets him
RF Gary Jackman - had a BRUTAL start to the season... rebounded fairly well. Had an .838 OPS last season

SP Marco Campbell - 10-8, 4.35 ERA - has been GREAT in the playoffs the last two years.

Yes, I know the deadline's basically here... but I'm around. Drop me a line if you see this & want to make a move.

Blue Ridge