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Thread: Name Addition to Player Name Database

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    Name Addition to Player Name Database

    I remember a year or so ago when there was a contest on who could predict the date the next perfect game was thrown. The winner of this contest got to add a last name to the database of names that new players were generated from.

    I'm assuming this is a pretty easy task for the developers (simply adding a name to a database table), so I would like to see the ability to add a name to the player name database in exchange for a donation of x number of dollars to the developers. I'd be willing to contribute to this for the name of my choice if the donation requirement was reasonable. * Names would obviously be subject to review and approval.

    I'd love to see my family's name generated in the player pool during draft time. This would require very little in development time and would help cover costs associated with hosting this game.

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    Re: Name Addition to Player Name Database

    I would pay to see ‘Yangervis Solarte’s in the draft pool
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    Re: Name Addition to Player Name Database



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