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Thread: Simusports League Live Draft Instructions

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    Simusports League Live Draft Instructions

    Since we have a few new owners in the League now, I thought it would be good to post instructions for the draft as our draft may be slightly different from that in other leagues.

    Instructions for Simusports League Live Draft:

    1. We run a block draft. There will be four teams in each block. If your block is on the clock you will be able to either select your pick live in the forum if the team ahead of you has already made their selection, or you may submit a list of up to four players, in order of preference by sending the list to dknute and stinky_pete at any time after the block ahead of you has finished making their selections and before the deadline for submitting your pick.

    This is how it works if you are sending a list:

    If you are picking first in the block just pick live in the forum or PM your pick to dknute and stinky_pete. If you are picking second in the block please submit a list of two players in order of preference. That way, if the player first on your list gets picked by the team picking ahead of you, you will be assigned the second player on your list. If you are the third team listed in your block, submit a list of three players so that, if the first two players on your list are picked by the two teams ahead of you, you will get the third player on your list, etc. If you are picking fourth in the block then submit a list of four players in order of your preference. You will always be assigned the highest player on your list so long as that player has not already been selected.

    2. Be sure to submit your list via PM (or pick live in the forum) before the deadline. There might be a few evenings when I will get home from work later than usual and I won't post picks for a few hours after the deadline. Don't count on that. I will be fairly prompt the majority of time and, if your pick/list has not been submitted by that time you will be autoed, which means you will be given the next highest ranked player listed on the league's draft list.

    3.The draft is live for the first two rounds. The third round is not live so you should just prioritize the players remaining after the first two round are completed.
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