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Thread: 'Sean Taylor' Factor

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    'Sean Taylor' Factor

    I know clutch factors have been discussed, (and proven to be nonexistent, as I'm sure this one is) but has anyone experienced a thing that I like to call the 'Sean Taylor' factor? I named this after one of my first players, he had incredible ratings and started his career as a closer, in which he sucked. After 2 seasons started (in which he was benched in both of them), he had an ERA above 11. The 3rd season, I moved him to middle reliever, where his ERA stayed below 3. Middle defense was pretty much the same. Another man I have with great ratings, Craig King, was taking L's as a closer, but has been on fire as a middle reliever, so it's happened multiple times to me. Any thoughts on if this is a coincidence?
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    Re: 'Sean Taylor' Factor

    Well, I have had a couple of pitchers who sucked in a role and proved valuable in another. Closer-roles generally have to be earned on my teams, so rookies want normally get the role.

    I do currently have a closer, who is a great regular season guy, but fails to get anyone out in the postseason, so I make him a setup, and put the odd-man in the rotation at closer last couple of years (or I do once that SP recovers from his last regular season start)

    I did have a pitcher one time, who made the All-Star team 3 times in his career. 1st time as a MR, 2nd as a CL, and finally once as a SP. He was SY-knuckleballer. And never had made double figures in GS until he was around 32. ANd his 2nd year in rotation, he was pretty much the ace. After about 4 years as a SP, he couldn't cut it there anymore, so he got another 1 1/2 years as a closer before he could even be effective in relief anymore. I think his career path was essentially LR-MR-CL-MR-CL-MR-CL-SP-CL-LR (he had a couple of erratic bullpen seasons where he would lose the CL job and regain it, for about 3-4 seasons with that team whoever began the season at CL would pitch to a high ERA until they got demoted from the role, he finally racked up several 30+SV season until I had a severe SP shortage, so I decided to give him a shot, as a couple times I had put him in the rotation where he would do fine for 3-4 starts as a SP before the league caught up, and I had little to lose at the time)


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