For the past 15 years or so, CSFBLers have gone to their front office page to view information about their team and to perform a variety of team management tasks. Until today. Today we wave goodbye to the CSFBL Front Office Page.

Take deep breaths. It’ll be ok. Change is scary but we’ll get through this together. Read on.

Currently CSFBLers go to the Front Office page to do the following seven things:
  1. Change your team name and abbreviation
  2. View a team’s stadium details
  3. Edit your team’s stadium name and dimensions
  4. View a team’s payroll information
  5. View a team’s current front office allocations
  6. Edit your team’s future front office allocations
  7. Release your team

All 7 of these things are now available directly from the team home page. No extra clicks and extra pages. Everything you used to have to go to the Front Office page for can now be done with greater ease from the team page. And we’ve added a few cool things too. Like the date the current owner took over and reordering payroll so that Total Payroll is listed first.

Hope you like it. Post feedback and suggestions in the New Site Discussion Thread.