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Thread: Brooklyn's selling

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    Brooklyn's selling

    The Brooklyn Mets feel they won't have what it takes to go all the way... The managing team is ready to part with many good veterans, including:

    RF Sonic Jones (outstanding year!)
    LF Dwight Meekins
    P Leland West
    P Dennis Prime
    P Duane Wahlin
    P Donald Aquino

    We're looking for rangy defensive players, young pitchers and picks.

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    Re: Brooklyn's selling

    Looks like my team isn't so bad after all ... Even after trading Jones and Wahlin!...

    We managed to acquire 2 sleeping players into Kitty Hawk's AAA farm club, SS Bustillos and OF Contreras, who are showing great numbers with us!

    I've been offering West and Meekins to everyone. Nobody answered... Too bad. They're off the market now. I guess both will proudly finish their career with Brooklyn in a few years from now.

    Good luck to everyone for the final 2 months of the season!


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