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Thread: Hard salary cap ($65m) rules, effective 2087 season

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    Re: Hard salary cap ($65m) rules, effective 2087 season

    Is the Hard Cap rule still in effect?

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    Re: Hard salary cap ($65m) rules, effective 2087 season

    As of 4/8/2106, the follow two teams are over the $65M cap and will have players dropped based on the official rules set by xxtremeracerx in the past:

    -Minden Giants $67,024,000 (+2.024m)
    -Naloxone Nappers $65,478,000 (+478k)

    Thank you and good luck to all this season.

    Quote Originally Posted by xxtremeracerx View Post
    A Hard Cap of $65m is being established effective with the 2087 season.

    Here are the guidelines regarding the cap:
    - All teams MUST be less that or equal to $65m payroll by 4/1 of each season.
    - If a team is over payroll on 4/1, the commissioner will go in and remove players to get the team under the cap. The drop methodology used will be cutting the oldest players (more expensive if same age) from the minors first. If minor leagues are exhausted and team is still over cap, the same drop methodology will be used on the active roster until team is under cap.
    - Teams will be able to go over the cap mid-year to accomodate draft picks. They will be required to get back below the cap on 4/1 of the following year.
    - Failure to comply with salary cap in 2 or more seasons, requiring commissioner intervention, will result in removal from league.
    Addendum: When an owner is removed, the commissioner will promote, drop, players from his roster at his discretion, so this way the new owner does not come in with a non-optimal roster.

    Commissioner will post/shame in the forum any team that is in violation of cap/removed for inactivity so the league can bid on any commissioner released players

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    Re: Hard salary cap ($65m) rules, effective 2087 season

    For the 2113 season the following teams were over the Cap on April 1st;


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    2114 Season

    Boston $65,654

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