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Thread: Career leaders

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    Career leaders

    Not a biggie, but was just looking at some career pitching stats in Pacific Coast League - and sorted by saves

    Was surprised one my pitchers, Albert Exley, didn't show up, despite having 119 career saves which should put him 42nd on the list. He used to be my closer, then I switched him to a starter. My current closer, Jose Michie, is on the list, despite having less career saves than Exley. I wondered whether it was to do with the position they were currently set to, so I switched them round on my lineup and re-loaded the career page, but it didn't change.

    Anyone know what's going on here?
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    Re: Career leaders

    You may have to set the qualifiers option to "All" instead of "qualifiers only". Closers don't get enough innings to be considered a "qualifier".
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