I get asked quite often how to post tables on the forums. There are a few methods, but I've found the following to be the easiest.

I'll add this to the CSFBL Wiki too

1) Copy from Excel into Word (you DO NOT need to copy as plain text)
2) In Word, go to Table Tools>>Layout>>Convert to Text
3) "Separate text with" box pops up. Click on "other" and enter "|" (that's the pipe, NOT the lower case L)
4) Copy and paste from Word into the forums
5) Add [table] tags (table in [ ] brackets at the front and /table in [ ] brackets at the end)

Save and you should be good to go! If it doesn't appear correctly, edit post and fix where-ever it magically moved your [table] tags to.

If others want to post the methods they use, please do. But I've always found this to be the simplest and most idiot-proof which is important for me.

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