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Thread: A Hidden Rating?

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    A Hidden Rating?

    Hi there

    Is there a hidden rating for players that were fired or traded from a team for when they return and battle that team that released them or was traded from, is there some sort of hidden revenge rating so they do their best to and perform well against the former?

    I read somewhere that players dont like to resign with a team that owned then release them before so I was wondering if there is like a hidden hatred rating or something because I noticed some players of mine who I fired to free agency and they join another team then they beat the crap out of my team when they face me. Also even for a player that I got traded from a team, he pitched very well against his old team as if he knew their strength and weakness so knew how to pitch against them.

    Is it a possible or am just a coincidence??

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    Re: A Hidden Rating?

    Quote Originally Posted by xet43 View Post
    Is it a possible or just a coincidence??

    This is one of the beautiful things about a game like CSFBL. It develops a life of its own....almost AI like. We all see things like revenge games happening all the sure its possible. Whether its a coincidence or not!


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