We are just about out of the gates for the new season. I was just thinking about how different it is now that we're going into our fifth season than it was "way back when."

There are a few things that I feel are different:

A few of the guys who I thought were going to be really good aren't even on my team any longer. I also find that I have an interest in the guys on the team... how they are contributing, and how they work together with the others on my team. When there were all "new guys" and I didn't know them or see them perform, it didn't feel quite as personal to me.

There also seems to be a lot less ability to trade people now than at the beginning... either due to being quite a lot over the league salary cap, or due to limited numbers of managers participating in trade talks. One tip that I found from chatting with my mentor was to figure out which specific teams might be interested in players you want to put up for trade by using the Players link on the League page. See who doesn't have talent in those positions and PM them privately... and you may well get more interest than just posting a generic trading block to the trade thread group.

Anything related to events this season is welcome in this thread... talk about rivalries, players, great games, the playoffs, whatever is special to you all about this season.

To all... best of luck this season. Enjoy!