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Thread: Brooklyn Call Ups

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    Brooklyn Call Ups

    The Management in Brooklyn has gone ahead and called up some special prospects this year.

    Sean Welsh: 4th Overall Pick in 2114 Draft. We expect his BIG bat to help produce some runs for the Cyclones this year.

    Peter Hart: 17th Overall Pick in 2110 Draft. We expect his BIG bat to help produce some runs for the Cyclones this year.

    Leon Key: 13th Overall Pick in 2112 Draft. We expect his batting average to be well above average.

    William Little: 28th Overall Pick in 2113 Draft. He appears to be a decent GO pitcher.

    Brooklyn may not stop people from scoring, but we hope to put up some GREAT offensive numbers this year.

    Lineup will be nasty!


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    Re: Brooklyn Call Ups

    So in this OLD league, it is tough to get some momentum going and sustain. But my Rookie Call ups have been nothing short of spectacular

    Walsh: He will be a 40/40 guy this year! He is on pace for over 100 Runs, 190 Hits, 45+ HR, 130 RBI and 40+ SB. He is a front runner for ROY.

    Hart: He only recently crept up the batting order. But he is on pace for over 35HR, over 70 XB hits, Slugging over .500 for the year. He has recently been inserted as the starting SS, to see how his Glove plays out.

    Key: :Looks to be the perfect 3 Spot hitter: Batting line: 330/374/505 on pace for over 100 RBI, 220 hits and over 65 XB hits. ROY contender.

    Little: He has given us very little to really look at and be happy about. He does have a winning record at 11-10, but his numbers hide the truth. Opponents are batting him around. ERA at 4.96 but should be much higher. As mentioned, his opponents numbers against are terrible. He is only 20, high CO/SY pitchers take time, but jeez. HIS GO's need to climb much higher.

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    Re: Brooklyn Call Ups

    I got Gilaed up to 3rd.

    We have the SS of the future--rookie Shaw, Bobby.

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    Re: Brooklyn Call Ups

    Cali has theirs as well Gurley, Patrick


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