its interesting, this tread was created by Smittias in '17 probably when the forums were active and he wanted to drum up as much as possible but since ive stumbled over it again i'll add some recent thought especially with the trade deadline looming and the team out of the current hunt.

I read an interesting story about Cutch, In the 1st season of his contract with Philly he went down with an injury early, the 2nd was shortened by covid and now this 3rd season he started out awful and has turned it on. He made the comment that Philly hasnt seen him beyond 50 games which is when he thinks he starts to make strides.

Hoskins is really streaky and nothing has changed, I dont get into all the new metrics in baseball especially defensive but he plays a decent 1B to the eye and I get to see him as the home town team.

Bohm is another one that plays the position well at times, but it has always been the thing the team knew he had to improve. His sophomore has been bad all around and he's been bitten by the injury bug.

Nola having an off season but has been picked up by Wheeler's amazing season.

Looks like Moniack is gonna be a bust

we'll see how it plays out the 2021 team isnt good enough and I dont think a move or two will change it.