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Thread: Los Angeles Dodgers talk

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    Los Angeles Dodgers talk

    We’re all baseball fans but we don’t talk very much about real baseball. So let’s start a thread per team and see if anything develops.

    Let’s see how many fans CSFBL has for every MLB team. If you’re a Dodgers fan, post in this thread.

    Post something simple like “hello” so we know how many of you there are. Or tell us why you became a fan. Share your favorite memory, favorite player, favorite game, brush with greatness…whatever. Brag about the team. Complain about the team. Trades they should make. Free agents they should go after. Videos of top plays or epic fails. Articles or blog posts of interest. You get the idea. If you’re really bleed Dodger Blue….then show it.

    And as luck would have it, there is a brand new Dodger themed league that was just announced! If you are in the Blue gotta grab a team in the New Dodger Themed League!

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    Re: Los Angeles Dodgers talk

    Any dodger fans out there? Matt Kemp is back in the lineup! CK was looking hitter-ish on Thursday
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    Re: Los Angeles Dodgers talk

    Not a Dodger fan or an anti-Dodger fan. I remember the Dodgers of my youth managed by Walter Alston...Drysdale, Koufax, Willie and Tommy Davis, Wills, and Roseboro. Who could forget Kirk Gibson's home-run?
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