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I see all the complaints about people having to break up good teams because their players now want to be paid what they are worth. I agree some of the adjustments might have been high for extreme cases. But making the old, tired, "High RA MI/ High FI/EN starters, scrub 'pen" formula more difficult to pull off is a GOOD THING. The easiest way to win the game should be the most expensive, IMO. If unbeatable dynasties become too expensive to maintain sooner than they otherwise would have, it's a GOOD THING.

It's good for the game, even if it hurts to rip off that band-aid.
Exactly. My teams are build with RA and top pitching and this hit me hard. I don't think my .700 OPS 98 RA SS should have jumped from 2M to 6M, but he is likely worth that to be honest. It makes for more good options for team building, which is a good thing. Right now, the primary way to win is to get ace pitchers and/or groundballers and high RA MIF. Now you have to weigh whether the RA is worth it or not. It needs to be balanced and it seems like it needed some tweaking, but it is at minimum a good start to a very good change.