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Thread: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by smittias View Post
    The guy has been making chump change for the past 8 seasons. Finally puts together his best season ever, going 15-6 3.20 as probably the biggest bargain in the league. Now he's asking to be paid a reasonable $1,563,000 for the new season. It seems to make sense to me.
    Then he shouldn't have been making chump change for eight seasons. Given the limited tools CSFBL gives the owners to manage salary cap and the opaqueness of future salary demands, this level of volatility is very bothersome and reduces the enjoyment of playing.

    Either give owners a better understanding of what drives salary calculations so we can better plan for situations like this, or reduce the volatility year over year, so big changes happen over a few years rather than all at once.
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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm View Post
    Maybe we'll find he has a couple good years left as a starter and he'll more than warrant $1.5M. In reality though, I would see something more like $1M as reasonable.
    I think he is a product of my defense last year, and since I won't be carrying him next season we shall see how he does on another team.

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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

    Did something change in regards to lower scrub salaries? I had a bunch of guys that initially went down to 50,000 their first season after the new CBA, then back up to 300-400,000 after the next flip, with no playing time to factor in.

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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

    You played him. He got stats so his salary went up. Seems like the sub $100k players are only people with no stats. (I haven't checked all sub 100k guys, but that has been my experience. )

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    Re: CBA Adjustment Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by spambox View Post
    I don't think this is the way things should work:

    Mario Major in Remake AAA.

    I picked him up at 36 years old from FA with a salary of $469,000. He pitched lights out for me, putting up career bests. After the flip he is now 37 and all of his stats went down. His asking price? More than 3x his last year salary. $1,563,000.

    With CSFBL not allowing teams to sign long term contracts, and CSFBL keeping the salary calculation formula a secret, having salaries jump such huge multiples reduces the enjoyment of the game. Given the limited salary management tools implemented, salaries shouldn't swing this widely from year to year. Either his salary should never have dropped to $469,000 (I picked him up preseason so it wasn't a midseason salary drop) or it should not have moved so huge upwards.

    Planning salary cap space year to year is hard enough without the increased volatility I seem to be seeing with the new CBA.
    Unfortunately we'll never know if he was worth his high salary as no one picked up Mario and he retired midseason.

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