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Thread: Draft Lack of Talent

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    Re: Draft Lack of Talent

    For every league I'm in I calculate a "score" based on potential ratings for all the players in the draft. This score is determined by giving weighted values to each attribute depending on the position of the player. RA is more valuable for a SS than a LF for example. Since the initial discussion about improving draft quality I've also been tracking what I deem to be "startable" players in a draft. With my scoring system players over 1000 pts are potential HOF caliber, 900+ is All Star quality players, while 750+ is what I consider startable. Obviously there are other factors that determine the draft value of a player, but it's a good tool to use to at least get a general picture of a draft class.

    Anyway, on average I'm seeing about 17 startable players in the drafts. Weakest drafts I've seen as few as 12-13, while some stronger drafts have had 20-21. Either way, if you're picking at the end of the 1st rd or even at the beginning of the 2nd rd you're already basically picking backup players or bullpen arms.

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    Re: Draft Lack of Talent

    I imagine some of this also depends on how competitive the league is. Leagues with many good owners are generally going to have a more even distribution of talent. Due to this, more marginal players are in play for starting spots. In leagues with a few good owners and many that aren't, talent is going to amass in a few good teams, meaning to compete with them those marginal players won't be as useful.

    But rare for me is the draft that doesn't have a starter towards the end of the first round. Those drafts tend to be the awful ones that I like as it prevents you from relying too much on the draft and might dissuade you from trading all talent for draft picks. What I do see is that there aren't many All-stars left at the end of the 1st round, which seems as it should be.

    Just a small selection of recent draft picks:
    • In what was regarded as a bad CarL draft, SS Patrick Wenz at #24 (POTS: 62|78|62|63|53|77|72|54|68), an 85 RA 2B that has a semblance of a bat.
    • In Remake, while concern there's no pitching in drafts, P Russell Almanza (48|79|13|88) at #40 and P John Jones (99 SY) at #33.
    • In LoL, MVP John Bernal at #21 and 2B Kenneth Craft at #40 (81 RA, 86 SL, +4).

    Going back through the Draft History pages for my teams, I'm not sure the last time I didn't land a decent starter in the first round. I keep seeing people saying the drafts lack talent, but I haven't run into this except for the occasional terrible draft (and balanced by the occasional loaded draft).

    Also, just in general, it's not really possible to engineer the draft to have starters up and down 2 rounds. That would be 48 players per year, or 576 players per 12 years. There are only 216 1-9 hitters and 120 SP1-5s across all 24 teams. You could raise the ratings, but those guys in the early 2nd on are more than likely still going to get cut and just end up in FA as not starter material.

    What you would need to do is open up pinch hitters, defensive subs, increase the utility of the depth chart, and maybe reconfigure bullpen salaries a bit or rebalance the power of FOA. This would open up more spots across the league for more players to see action, giving 2nd rounders more of a chance of making a team.
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    Re: Draft Lack of Talent

    I understand wanting to appeal to loyal veteran players, but I feel the difficulty of building your team through the draft hurts new and casual players while giving the veteran players a major advantage. It also makes it impossible to trade draft picks as no one wants to move down even 2 slots because of how much it decreases their chances of getting even a role player on their team let alone a quality one.

    The simple answer to this would be to expose more controls to the leagues for various aspects of the simulation. Public leagues can have the super soft settings while private leagues can run their own settings. A database table for league config or some additional columns on the league table isn't rocket science nor is writing a query to get those values before one of the simulators run.

    People have been bitching about drafts for the 12 years I've played this game. It's all in your heads or bad luck.

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