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Thread: Filters for Hall of Fame

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    Filters for Hall of Fame

    It would a nice feature to be able to sort Hall of Famers by position and team as well as year.

    Another cool feature would be a list of players on the ballot as well, waiting to get in, sorted by Hall of Fame score.

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    Re: Filters for Hall of Fame

    This would be great. Candidates for the HOF. And adding an asterisk next to first year eligible guys. Idk how it works, but is a 4% probability guy dropped after the first few years, or does he hav a chance as long as the league runs?
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    Re: Filters for Hall of Fame

    This would be a fantastic add - list of HOF candidates, years on ballot, etc. Maybe even have a yearly ballot, with computer generated votes, showing how close everyone got, how many years left they have on the ballot, etc.


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