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    Question Spellcheck Rules

    Spellcheck Rules

    League Type: Spellcheck is a letter grade league. Letter grade leagues change CSFBL scouting by replacing numeric ratings with letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F) to hide players' exact numbers.

    League Cap: The cap is a soft cap set at $55,000,000. As it's a soft cap, teams can exceed the cap but will have the standard CSFBL limitations put in place for being over it. The salary cap is currently scheduled to be increased to $60,000,000 after 4/1/1996.

    Live Draft: Spellcheck runs a live 6-man block draft with the first two rounds are divided into 8 blocks of 6 picks. Each day the next block up is responsible for sending--by PM or post--the draft master their lists of top picks (up to 6 if 6th in the block). If the draft master does not have a pick for an owner at the deadline, that owner receives the highest salaried player remaining in the draft.

    Draft Pick Trading: Draft picks may be traded for the next two upcoming drafts. Once a draft sims, the draft picks for the year after next's draft become available for trade (e.g. picks for the 2019 draft can only be traded after 7/15 2017).
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