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Thread: Traded Draft Picks

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    Traded Draft Picks

    Vanderpool receives Harlem's 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2064 as per our recent trade.

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    Re: Traded Draft Picks

    Current year picks traded - Accepted trade

    Trade proposed by Harlem Black Bombers to Philadephia Athletics: Accept offer Decline offer
    From Philadephia Athletics:
    C: Jaime Garcia ($1,109,000)
    P: Herman Davenport ($1,735,000)
    P: Thomas Keller ($2,753,000)

    From Harlem Black Bombers:
    3B: Reginald Goodman ($1,418,000)
    P: Arthur Copeland ($1,193,000)
    C: Berent Mills ($2,030,000)
    First Round Draft Pick: #4 overall
    Second Round Draft Pick: #28 overall
    Third Round Draft Pick: #52 overall


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