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Thread: 2066 Beer League Draft (Complete Set List)

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    2066 Beer League Draft (Complete Set List)

    Four teams will be required to make their picks each day for 1 Round. If you are first to pick on your day you may post your pick in this thread. If you are 2nd-3rd-4th you must PM the commissioner your selections by the deadline or you will be auto picked. This process will be done until the draft is complete thru Round 1. Sims speed will be slowed to 4 games a day until draft is complete. Any Auto picks will be the highest paid unpicked player. You will be notified by PM only. If your user name and forum name are different it is your responsibility to send the correct PM name to all commissioners. Please send the all PMs to jfn99fan.

     Drafting Team -(auto?)Pos--------------Selection---------- 
    Day 1- Monday 4/10/17 - 8pm EST   
    1Schell's Stags PDonald Kawamoto 
    2Sandwich HopCats SSMarvin Russo 
    3Rickard's RED PMan Sabia 
    4Bemidji Beavers CThomas Sanchez 
     Day 2- Tuesday 4/11/17 -8pm EST   
    5Budweiser Buds PRonan Hendricks 
    6Singlecut Beersmiths Weird and Gillys 3BScott Hulsey 
    7Guiness Blacks 1BEmanuel Rios 
    8Dallas Dos XX PRobert Bishop 
     Day 3-Wednesday 4/12- 8pm EST    
    9Seattle Oranges CFTerry Mireles 
    10Big Bend Brewing Company PFred Polk 
    11Beaverton Blue Ribbon PPatrick Bradshaw 
    12Frankenmuth Pilseners PAlexander Owens 
     Day 4Thursday 4/13- 8pm EST    
    13Nastro Azzurri CFTimothy Sands 
    14Yuengling Lagerheads CWilliam Rico 
    15Carlsburg Specials PLouis Adelman 
    16Boulevard Long Strange Tripels SSJoel Robinson 
     Day 5Friday 4/14-8pm EST    
    17Grain Belt Belters LFJoseph Gray 
    18Robinsons Brewery Troopers PWilliam Hutchinson 
    19Bitterroot Nut Brown Ales SSManuel Symons 
    20Michigan Brewers 3BJohn Goodyear 
     Day 6Saturday 4/15-8pm EST    
    21Newcastle Brown Ale PKeith Umberger 
    22Shiner Bocks PKarl Ingram 
    23Cleveland Great Lakes Brewery 2BHarold Ellis 
    24VA Brewing Asso Legends 3BJohn Byrd 
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    Re: 2066 Beer League Draft (Active Day 1)

    PM's have been sent and sims have been slowed to 4/day. Please have your picks in by 8:00PM EST each night.

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    Re: 2066 Beer League Draft (Complete Set List)

    Draft is complete. I will leave the sims at 4/day until Monday evening to give everyone a chance to set their list for the remaining draft picks. Thanks for your participation.


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