Guys, we have just completed the draft and are on the back side of the season. I must confess I am a bit disappointed with the lack of involvement in the forums and the league in general. This is my 2nd attempt to "revive" Revolution (formerly Evolution) and it does not appear that we are making great strides. That is mostly on me, since I haven't had time to really "advertise" the league.

So with that being said, I am planning to make a number of "major" adjustments for the next season. Here goes:

1) I have toyed with the idea of a truly "free agent" league. Just as in real baseball, players have free agency in MLB. I would like to do that in Revolution. Sort of works like this; Any player with 6 years service time on a team (100+ games a season), must be granted Free Agency. A team must cut the player and can 1) Re-bid on the players services, 2) Trade the player prior to his gaining Free Agency for other players.

Some of you wont like this new "wrinkle", but it might be a kick start to keep the league going. I realize that this could get complicated, but I'm willing to make the effort to do it!

Would like some feedback (negative is good, too). Although I don't expect much! LOL!!!

Regards, 'Nod.