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Thread: Trade Blocks

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    Trade Blocks

    Lawdawgs have a lot of good lefty bats. Would be willing to trade one or more:

    Looking for young pitching or draft picks. Also have some great aging vets if you are interested in winning now. PM or make an offer if interested.

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    Re: Trade Blocks

    Carolina has a lot of guys who could be significant role players on good teams, but either need a new home to make way for younger talent or could just never quite crack my lineup. Will let any one (or maybe two or three depending on the guys & pick) of these guys go for a 2nd rounder or equivalent prospect:

    - 1B Thomas Kurland: still rocking that 99/99 SL. Proven power at a decent price
    - 2b Robert Buck: still a plus 84 RA defender with decent BA
    - 3b John Todd: great obp and defense combo
    - LF Kyle Behan: Very solid all-around offense
    - RF Nicolas Brandenburg: More power
    - 2b Walter Jones: BA specialist with a good arm
    - RF Ken Agee: DI/SL specialist who just hit his max potentials, so should be a late bloomer
    - RF Daniel Murrah: 80/80 BA and other solid maxed to near-maxed ratings with good defense

    Hit me up if you see anyone who could help you and we'll get something done.
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    Re: Trade Blocks

    K.C. Kings offering Henry Potter (

    700+ HRs; 3,000+ hits = Legendary lefty bat. Looking for pitching in return.


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