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Thread: Trade Bait

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    Trade Bait

    Anyone interested in the following players?

    1) Robert Fiore. 3b
    2) Luis Holt. 2b
    3) Thomas Carter 2b

    I would like draft picks for these guys if you are interested......

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    Re: Trade Bait

    On the block:

    I am looking for draft picks or an everyday RF......

    Thomas Carter could be a very good player in a couple years....

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    Re: Trade Bait

    30 yo pitcher Andrew Magdaleno is available.

    4th overall pick in 2075 (he was probably overscouted), we got him from Willard in a big trade 3 years ago. He just had 2 pretty good seasons with Greenville! If you have a good infield defense, he could be a nice 3rd or 4th starter for you.

    I'm looking basically for a good defensive MI (utility type of player, for my bench) or a catcher.

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    Re: Trade Bait

    30 yo 1B Eugene Miller is available. DI 74/78 CN 80/80 BA 83/86 SL 43/48 RA 90

    Will be fine in either corner outfield positions also. Has been a good hitter in limited action. I'd play him if I had a spot for him. I'll accept pretty much any pick for him.
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