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Thread: Iota Nu Nu has been retired

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    Iota Nu Nu has been retired

    Due to low ownership support, Iota Nu Nu has been retired. The history remains intact and searchable and the league can be unfrozen if ownership interest redevelops or for a new league concept. The following email was recently sent to all remaining owners in a handful of leagues that have rich history, but low current ownership support. Hope to see you all in other leagues. Last one out, shut the light.

    CSFBL is retiring <LEAGUENAME>

    Hi <USERNAME>. Due to low ownership, <LEAGUENAME> will be shutting its doors later this week. But there is good news to report. <LEAGUENAME> WILL NOT be purged.

    CSFBL will be retiring the league. The history of the league will remain and still be accessible. The teams and the players will be “frozen” and the team will be removed from your franchise.

    If ownership support for this league develops in the future, the league can be unfrozen and resume again. In the meantime, you can take comfort that your fake players will be resting peacefully in their fake cryogenic chambers.

    And if you’re looking to find a new team to fill the void, post in the “I want a new team” thread and commissioners will recruit you to manage the best teams available throughout CSFBL.

    Thanks for being part of the CSFBL community. Play ball!
    --Your friends at CSFBL
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