In this league, you own 2 teams, an MLB team and a minor league team, to form a franchise.

MLB team is your best players, trying to win it all
Your minor league team will draft and develop all your prospects.

We have rules to prevent talented players from staying in the minors, including a claim system where any team can claim a player from any minor league team that they are going to use on their MLB roster (sometimes with compensation, sometimes without).

This league is evolving and we have some active owners who are helping shape the rules going forward.

Available franchises (Name changes welcome to real MLB team and an affiliated minor league team):

Chicaco Cubs / Iowa Cubs
San Francisco Giants / Fresno Little Giants
Detroit Tigers / Erie Seawolves

We are open to having an owner tandem control a franchise, one running the MLB side, the other running the minor league side.

Let me know if you have an interest.