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Thread: Camelot Intoes

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    Camelot Intoes

    Down on the Farm Report

    C David Estrada-20 50/77,65/83,49/75,29/70

    Upside-Puts up a couple of AS seasons late in the game
    Downside-SL doesn't develop and never makes Pimp's lineup

    1B Peter Rees-23 49/58,37/54,65/73,33/43

    Upside-Solid low priced starter once salaries start increasing
    Downside-decent bench bat

    1B Jeff Alanis-19 40/75,42/70,69/79,4/4

    Upside-Much like Rees, but more likely to fill the role in my mind
    Downside-Will be a starter for SOMEONE

    RF Christopher Garza-19 55/83,47/47,41/60,71/93

    Upside-High OBP guy who mashes 50 HR, multi-year AS
    Downside- Will mash, maybe he can't hit .250 consistently?

    2B Francis Gonzalez-23 39/43,50/67,59/65,60/78

    Upside-GG at 2B with consistent .800 OPS
    Downside-D develops slow and he's average defensively, making the bat less of an asset

    3B Joseph Castro-20 55/55,66/66,77/77,52/54

    Upside-GG at 3B with .800 OPS high seasons
    Downside- 10-15 HR pop may not sit well on a corner

    LF Harold Childs-23 17/17,59/59,66/72,42/60

    Upside-Strong side platoon guy who's solid at cheap salary
    Downside-Bench bat, 4th OF type

    P Jerry Groesbeck-22 63/72,52/72,62/76,71/87

    Upside-Number 2 SP with in a couple of seasons
    Downside-Back end starter who eats innings

    PNoe Martin-24 50/50,60/75,64/83,60/73

    Upside-Could develop into legit 3/4 SP with 2 seasons
    Downside-Could wind up as good bullpen arm

    P Edward Reed-26 72/91,32/56,42/42,55/62

    Upside-Lights out closer
    Downside-solid bullpen arm

    Pimp has maximized value to the fullest. He missed(I think) on a 2B early in the young guy draft and found a great alternative. He's got plenty of assets here to use at his discretion. His major league roster is youth-laden and he's got high floor/high upside guys coming. You can see this team in contention for the duration of the league.

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    Re: Camelot Intoes

    Estrada is absolutely a 2nd half of the decade lottery ticket. Possible big time bat, he'll get every chance to max though ratings.

    Rees might get play as soon as next season. I see him as a possible 1b starter/trade bait/utility at 1b/lf/rf type.

    Jeff Alanis is in a two stage position change. Moved him from SS to 1b to max out an increase in his RA/GL. next seasn he'll go to his final destination: Catcher. That 96 AR will play well there esp. since I have a lefty hitting catcher now.

    Garza is there to learn to mash. Could be a monster hitter. Might get called up next year or the year after if needed. I dont need him to max out to get called up.

    Gonzalez is my future at 2b. if the SL comes up and the SP sticks, he'll be a plus bat with good RA (for ths league). With Julius Reeves on the active roster switching to 2b with about the same defensive RA, i'll have trade fodder if Gonzo develops, or a backup plan if he takes too long in two seasons as well.

    It was a hard call to leave Castro down. Loved getting him late (8th, no182, Young Draft) and he could start and produce right now. but wanted to swing him to 3b given his plus RA in LF (81) and his age (20), he'll become a good 3b.

    Childs is exactly as you say: +5 split to competently play vs RHP. Good BA/RA and low salary. round 11, no261 in YG draft... i'm satisfied to get him.

    Groesbeck i have tagged as needing maybe 3 flips to come up in 84. I expect him to be an SP3 talent at a minimum, maxing at an SP2 level talent by 86.

    Noe Martin, I am hoping will hold down the SP4 spot for the second half of the decade.

    Edward Reed: Hoping he can develop that PO. without it he was taken too early in the old guy draft (round 11, no246) I do peg him as my CL (or a possible SP for someone else in a trade: 67en potential) around the 84 season.
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