The Rams are open to a lot of possibilities, and as such, there are some talented established players available and some intriguing prospects. We are in search of pitching, prospects, and picks. Let's get down to business!

1B Kevin Hudson is not going to come cheaply. You want Hudson? Go hard or go home.
3B Bill Cordova is also available. Yes, another big bat! What are we thinking?!?
CF Oliver Sosa is next up. Looking for a second rounder. He still gets on base and comes around to school.
1B Troy Witty is a ready to play power hitting, base stealing, slick fielding prospect.
3B Curt Chapman has power and speed. A bit of a late bloomer, his position is offense.

Just because the guy you want isn't listed here doesn't mean they aren't available. Inquire within!

The doors are open! Let's get something done!