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Thread: Texas Longhorns Team Page

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    Texas Longhorns Team Page



    CLASSNAMEAGEPOSGRADEYear RecruitedHSRSGSFR [21]SO [22]JR [23]SR [24]
    SRMatthew Byars243B   1954 1955195619571958
    SRLeonard Depuy243B     1955195619571958
    SRHenry Oshaughnessy24SS   1954 1955195619571958
    SRMark Romo24CF      195619571958
    JRGeorge Pauls23C   1955 195619571958 
    JRRobert Hu201B     195619571958 
    JRChristopher Klein23RF      19571958 
    SODewayne Boyd22C   1956 19571958  
    SOEnrique Hines21C   1956 19571958  
    SODarrin Shay202B  1956  19571958  
    SOHenry Schoen203B     19571958  
    SOWilliam Stiles222B     19571958  
    FRAdam Ray20RF   1957 1958   
    FRDenny Duarte19CF  1957  1958   
    FRDan Lopez22RF761957    1958  
    GSGeorge Lee20C   19571958    
    RSWayne Mastin221B   1958 19561957  
    RSRex Richie19LF831957 1958     
    RSGeorge Walker19CF721957 1958     
    HSCalvin Hill18OF7819571958      
    SRGary Holland24P  1952195319541955195619571958
    SRGary Garcia24P      195619571958
    JRBenny McNeill23P   1955 195619571958 
    JRJoseph Bailey23P     195619571958 
    JRAlan Truitt22P     195619571958 
    JRThomas Green23P     195619571958 
    SORonald Wright22P  19541955195619571958  
    FRWilliam Giesen21P   1957 1958   
    FRJamie Ashburn21P   1957 1958   
    FRThomas Schreiber20P791957   1958   
    FRTodd Lewis19P771957   1958   
    RSWilliam Henderson19P  19571958     

    Opening Day Starting Lineups

    Boyd, DewayneC
    Shay, Darrin1B
    Stiles, William2B
    Byars, Matthew3B
    Oshaughnessy, HenrySS
    Depuy, LenardLF
    Romo, MarkCF
    Lopez, DanRF
    Ray, AdamDH

    SP1Giesen, William
    SP2Bailey, Joseph
    SP3Schreiber, Thomas
    SP4Wright, Ronald
    SP5Holland, Gary
    LRMcNeill, Benny
    MR1Garcia, Gary
    MR2Truitt, Allen
    SU1Lewis, Todd
    SU2Green, Thomas
    CLAshburn, Jaime
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    Re: Texas Longhorns Team Page

    The current coaching team celebrates the 10th anniversary of taking over the team this season. Some quick stats for the Longhorns.

    Since the coaching staff's first season in 1977, the team has not finished in last place in the division. If we stay out of the basement this year, we will tie the school record of 10 straight seasons held by the 1961-1970 team.

    Despite not making out of the first round, the Longhorns have managed to make the playoffs 3 times this decade, tying the number that the team had prior to the 80's.

    From 1981-1983, the Longhorns enjoyed three straight seasons of finishing in the top half of the division, a school record. The team had only finished 3rd or better twice in a row once, in the league's 2nd and 3rd seasons.


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