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Thread: New member draft question

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    New member draft question

    Sorry to be negative on first post. Just took over Soho Style and notice draft recently completed. The team shows no first round draft choice but also no quality player on the roster and not even an additional 2nd round choice. The only gain I can see is an additional 3d round choice.

    Can anybody enlighten me on what the trade was? I can't find anything in the news or transactions sections. There is only one decent player on the team under the age of 30, so I doubt it was a player for a pick trade.

    If there is no good explanation, my question would be is there a league commissioner or such that okays trades? Already have a last place team and now no young draft choice to build around.

    Thanks for any input.

    I think I may have found it. Looks like the Soho owner traded his pick to the Wolverines. Poor trade but I see it. 3 players for the pick, two of them past their prime, but a legit trade. Guess I wait for next season.
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    Re: New member draft question

    Welcome to the league!


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