Hey guys, I'm looking to trade some of my players for young un's or draft picks.
2B Ralph Davis: 31 years old, 60+ in all four major hitting categories. A team that wants to win now could take him as a starting caliber player. .315/.436/.594 batting line
RF Miguel Forest: 29 years old, 61, 71, 60 in Discipline, contact and batting. Solid glove as well. Could fit in a rotation or even starting player for your team. .282/.339.426
P Richard Samuel: 30 years old, 81 PO, 63 FI, 64 CO. This guy can be a top of the rotation starter for you. 10-3 3.96 ERA, 1.39 WHIP.

And finally, my star player and in terms of skills probably a top 5 player in the league.
C King Martinson: 27 Years old, 88 DI, 79 CN, 84 BA, 89 SL. He also has an 83 Glove. This guy is an unbelievable player. I would need a lot of people to get rid of him, as this guy could turn around a franchise. .273/.354/.484 but he's on the upswing.
Let the offers commence.