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Thread: BREAKING NEWS: Dodgers Busted!

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    BREAKING NEWS: Dodgers Busted!

    The fans of the Blue Moon Dodgers of the Little League are reeling after reports of a party was busted following the Dodgers finished the regular season in 1st place. Police reports show 25 underage drinking tickets written to every single Dodgers player. Police confiscated 18 kegs of Blue Moon at the party. "We understand the Dodgers had a terrific season, but have to ask why is a beer company even sponsoring a Little League team? Come on, these kids are 10 years old!"

    Reports of the Dodgers earning a frosty brew instead of a frosty malt after each game are unconfirmed at press time.

    As the playoffs are approaching we are unsure who if anyone will be suiting up for the Dodgers. I am sure the Little League will be handing out suspension that will come into affect once the kids aren't grounded anymore by their parents.
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    Re: BREAKING NEWS: Dodgers Busted!

    I heard it through the grapevine that the kegs were supplied, only after Hayman, Thao, Heavner and McGrew signed autographs for all Blue Moon employees.

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    Re: BREAKING NEWS: Dodgers Busted!

    Lol 18 kegs!! The Dodgers know how to play ball AND party.

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    Re: BREAKING NEWS: Dodgers Busted!

    Hey, my little league team was sponsored by a local bar! Where were my drinks at the age of 12?
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