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Thread: Houston and Detroit need 56 wins

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    Re: Houston and Detroit need 56 wins

    Quote Originally Posted by Runnys View Post
    I know this was from several seasons ago most likely, but, it is relevant now. Boston managed to win their 59th game and therefore has made the 180 win requirement. We were worried for a while, but, we made some deals that were hard to make in order to acquire pitching that we needed to get some wins. Our offense was never the huge concern, it was pitching. We gave up a lot to get the pitching we needed, but, we made the threshold and the hope is that starting next season it won't be a concern for Boston for a while.

    There were only 2 bright spots for us this year. First, Stevens continued to hit like a stud. Another 100 runs scored, 50+ HR's, and 100+ RBI season for him to go along with an OPS near .950. Second, Arthur Emmons just continued to rake. He is going to hit over .330 again this year most likely and has gotten himself up to 96% HOF chance. He has also surpassed 2800 hits for his career. Next season, in his age 34 year, he will surpass 3000 hits.
    I am happy you made it Run, there were a lot of conversations about this and we wouldnt have liked to have demoted you but I'm sure the concenses of our discussions was that we feel like the league minimum is a mark that should be achievable. Especially when you built the team up then they dropped off. We dont want to drop really active owners but if we dont uphold the rules in a promotion league then owners working hard to get to the highest level are going to think there is no shot.

    Fortunately we dont have to worry about that this time. But all owners should know the minimums are the minimums and we will do what we have to do to keep Remake competitive and balanced.
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    Re: Houston and Detroit need 56 wins

    Both Houston and Detroit teams are good>
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