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Thread: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors


    Several teams are off to hot starts but everyone has lost at least once so far. Personally I'm waiting for summer though. Then the Hot will be off the field and in the stands. That sure does make the games a lot more fun.

    Anyways all my cousins, I'm out for the weekend. Gotta go see an 80's Rock Band and pretend I'm cool.

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    This is Abu signing off, Tell Robin Williams I want my Genie back.

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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

    4/28/2000: I suck, You suck, We all suck YAY!

    It would appear the Atlantic City Dirty Slots and the Deuce Bags are attempting to live up (down?) to their names. They are both off to a 7-16 start and battling for last place. AS some one who is a 'deuce' bag that has visited Atlantic City alot I can understand why.

    My advice?

    The Slots need to drag their players out of the smoke filled bars before they all become degenerate gamblers. The Deuce bags simply need to get rid of there mirrors. then the players would quit worrying about wearing shirts that show off their manly chest hair well preening their mustaches.

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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

    So I decided a while back that i wanted to get to know our recent draft class a little bit better. Take a bunch of young immature kids to Tijuana, what could go wrong I said?

    One bad bender later and I spend weeks in a Mexican prison. That and a brief trip to the hospital, since you only had tap water to drink, and i am back. But boy howdy let me tell you what. You think we have some messed up **** around here. You ain't seen nothing yet. You want a wild vacation go south of the border. Although if you value your life/wallet then maybe you should stay home.

    My latest reports say all the players made it home safely. However, if a few of them never perform up to expectations don't blame me. I'm sure they sucked well before i made them, all drink the worm together (wink wink).

    Now lets get caught up on what is happening around the league.

    It appears my cousins, the Homer Sapiens, can't by into Darwins theories and are still playing like a pack of neanderthals out there.

    Laelaps sucks as well, and by the way, what in the bloody blue hell is a Caedman Vixen? I'm weird enough as it is without some weird alien crap floating around.

    Our friends in jersey, at least according to their record, have gotten rid of the juice. I'm very proud of them, though I understand rehab is hard, and its about the only thing that is around there anymore.

    Our favorite sucky team, Kensas, may well have blown the draft. Waiting until the last moment to select the consensus 'Most Likely Tom Not to Succeed' then trying to choose the wrong player. But we hear the owner is a Brit and i know they do all sorts of crazy in futbol so who knows.

    West Indies and Seoul, despite new ownership, continue to make the rest of us look like we suck. Although the Rum Runners were definitely doing too much product sampling to start the season.

    Speaking of Seoul, you know what they say, the sisters who play together stay together. Insert your own meaning there.

    Chicago sucks... but really whats new there? Omaha continues to dominate, but we hear Mr. Kershaw regularly likes to make the Chicago owner his little Nancy anyways.

    The Cannibals are trying to eat there way to the playoffs, and they may have tasted a few hippies along the way as the Bohemians sitting behind them in 3rd.

    The Pinball Wizards are dominating the league like were an Arcade game, so i suppose that makes sense.

    and last but not least... There was apparently a Bigfoot sighting early this year. But based on the Squamish Sasquatch's record he has definitely gone back into hiding. Or maybe it's all just a hoax...

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    This is Abu signing off, and they always said Jafar was the evil one, who knew.
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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

    i know monkeys aren't known for the spelling skills, but it's "Cadmean" you stuupyd marmol.

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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

    He's an ape more or less. I obviously didn't hire him for his intelligence :-)
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    Re: ****** See, ****** Do: Evolution Rumors

    We decided to put the stupid ****** to work after the draft and assign the picks. We should have known better. We would have had better luck assigning that task to a 9 year old that isn't on their ADHD meds. I will make sure all of the draft issues are fixed this weekend and don't worry the ****** has been suspended by the league for the remainder of the 2001 season.
    "I'm content with my suckage. I know what got me there and why I'm not as good at this game as I used to be." -Rando

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